Saturday, January 28, 2012

White Chocolate Kit Kat Coconut M&M's Cake

I'm in the throws of making desserts for a dessert auction at our church tomorrow. We're raising money for a missions team (including my husband) who are going to Kenya, Africa in two months.

Here's a quick tutorial for my first completed dessert: A White Chocolate Kit Kat Coconut M&M Cake.

Don't tell anyone, but it's terribly easy! 

First, bake two round cakes in any flavor (mine were 8 inch cakes with a good old fashioned box of Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Cake Mix).

I cut the rounded tops off of mine with a serated knife and stacked them together bottoms down with a layer of frosting in between.

Then frost them (again, I just used a plain ole can of vanilla frosting). The beautiful part about this process is that everything is going to be covered so you don't really have to be picky or careful about how the frosting looks.

Next I pressed the kit kats up against the still wet frosting. I cut the kit kats into sticks of two and placed the cut sides together so it fit together a little bit like a puzzle (instead of leaving crazy gaps from the imperfect cuts).

 I used 10 packages of regular sized kit kats. You may need another pack or two if you are using 9 inch pans.

Then I poured a big bag and a half of Coconut M&M's on top...

And tied a bow around it, somewhat tightly to reduce the gapping between the kit kats. This bow has wire in the edges.

Pretty genious and terribly simple! I've seen this done with regular kit kats and plain m&m's too, but I wanted to switch things up a little and try something just a little more elegant looking for the dessert auction tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love it. Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Will have to try this!

Rachel Page said...

This is OUTRAGEOUS! In a good way. I can't look away ;)

Shoofi said...

It is very sweet.It should be presented with chocolate..
small batch