Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cup Cake Bouquet

This is another creation for the dessert auction at our church tomorrow.

I now present to you, the cup cake bouquet!

And here's how I did it:

First I made my children eat applesauce in their lunches all week and return their empty containers to me. It meant that I had to clean each of their lunch boxes everyday, but it was well worth the trouble!

Then I had my husband "man glue" the containers together. You could probably staple them together or put hole punches in them and tie them together with ribbon if you don't have strong enough glue to do the trick.

Next I put light and dark green squares of tissue paper together and poked my finger down through the middle. Then I twisted the paper together where my finger had been until I had enough squares to cover all of the holes between my applesauce cups.

Next I attached the tissue paper leaves to the cups with glue dots (they are magical little sticky things!) and put fake baby's breath stems randomly throughout. Isn't the background of this picture incredibly cute?

All of these supplies were found at my local Wal-Mart in case you are wondering. You can see two different kinds of cupcake holders, but I ended up only using the all white ones. The white and green ones were pretty in theory, but they browned a little bit in my oven and the white ones just looked better in my pot.

Here's the completed bouquet of flowers, unfrosted.

I decided to make a variety of flowers, including mums made from marshmallows. I cut mini marshmallows in half diagnally and immedietly put the sticky side down into colored sugar (1 cup of sugar in a plastic baggy with 4-10 drops of food coloring massaged throughout and left to dry on a cookie sheet).

Then I piped a random variety of floweresque frosting creations on each cupcake.

Here's a close up of the mums.

And there you have it, a cup cake bouquet!
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Jennifer said...

I really love this idea! Great for somebody who had a baby, or some other special event!