Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Beginning

I've been an avid blogger for four and a half years now. I love blogging. It's strangely cathartic. Yet, I've long struggled with how much of myself to include on our family's blog

It seems strangely out of place to write about some of the things I want to write about on Robyn's Nest. Afterall, most of those followers are family members who want to see cute pictures and hear funny stories about our amazingly adorable kids. While I'm sure there will be some overlap, I intend to use this blog to be unapologetically about me. What I'm learning, what I'm processessing, and what I want to share.

So welcome! I hope you are strangely entertained and encouraged by following the blog of a real life pastor's wife. A simple woman who has found herself in the unlikely postition of being married to a pastor. And this, this is my story.

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T & K said...

I left a comment earlier, did it make it through? Oh, well, it can be repeated if it did. I think this blog is a great idea for you. Just looking at the title I felt encouraged!