Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Someday I'll Go Live

I have written about 1,000 blog posts for this blog in my head already. I obviously have not written most of them down and I'm not ready to commit to 'going live' with it yet. Part of me wants this blog to be just perfect before I tell the world I've started a new blog.

Part of me still struggles with whether or not I ought to start a new blog. Do I have it in me to keep up on two of them? I really hope I do, because I like the idea of it. One about me, and one about my family.

Of course it's a little scary to note that I have hundreds of readers on my blog about my family, what if I only end up with 5 readers of my blog about me? Oh well, it will show me where I rank. The PK's (Pastor's kids) are definitely cuter than me! At least I know where I stand!

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