Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do what we have done already--Day 3

Today you are doing what we have already done.
-Getting up and dressing to lace up shoes

-Keeping your sink shining

Now is the time to start exploring Big Tent. Be sure and read the NEWS. This is where you will find the Daily Flight Plan, the essays and the testimonials.


I must say, I am proud of myself for having a shiny sink to wake up to!

This morning, I got up and got dressed--all the way to my lace up shoes--even though it meant I had to change. See, we're going to a dinner party tonight so I put on a nice top. Then I remembered that I needed to wear lace-up shoes and those two articles of clothing don't go well together. And since I promised to try really hard to obey the FlyLady, I decided to change after I dropped Leeann off at school.

And going against the grain of my bad habits, I did my hair and make-up too. Now it's 9:30 in the morning, I've eaten breakfast, I'm completely ready, and I'm excited to face my day!

Silly FlyLady is totally right, it makes me feel like I'm ready to face whatever might come my way!

And I'll try to spend some time looking around the web-site too. I know she tells us not to go too crazy right away, but we have a tentative showing of our condo scheduled for next week, so it seems logical for me to start doing some of the post-baby-steps now. Either that or I'm going to end up in a crazy, frenzied panic the day before and day of the showing trying to do everything all at once. So, it looks like I'm going to have to disobey FlyLady on that one. I hope she'd approve!

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