Monday, October 18, 2010

Does this kind of thing stress you out?

Perhaps this might give you a tiny bit of insight into my quirky personality?

 Yes, you read that right, I have 32,911 emails in my inbox. I'm pretty sure Rob might have 10. It doesn't bother me in the least. Someday I might need to reference that email that some strange person sent me in 2006, right? I occasionally delete all of my facebook notifications that come through my email, and I delete any adds that come through that I don't want to look at when I'm just trying to get through all of my messages. But other than that, I just let them sit.

Of course, it's not entirely uncommon for me to mark a message that I need to respond to as 'unread', and then forget that it ever existed amidst my sea of utterly important emails. Are you an email hoarder or an email purger? I'm sure there are many of you that would have a panic attack just looking at my inbox!

Many couples find it feasible to share an email account. We, for obvious reasons, are not one of them!


Jennifer & DW said...

I have 2551 in my inbox too, and probably another 2000 in all my other folders. It doesn't bother me at all....Dieter erases all his. Maybe it's a man vs. woman thing?

beachbirdie said...

Hoarder here. I have thousands upon thousands of emails in my in boxes, not to mention the ones I've separated out and put in specialized boxes to make them easier to find. They go back for years. I have years worth of emails backed up on CDs I never look at...

Same reason as you, I might need to reference one of them some day! I wonder if Jennifer is's a man-woman thing. My husband diligently cleanses his email.

Good thing the space is only virtual, they would be a mess if they were all on paper!

T & K said...

Mine has lots and lots as well...however not because I think I'll need them a long time from now...I just don't delete them right away and they get pushed down and forgotten. Plus my grandma is the queen of forwards...many of which I don't get around to looking at, so they get lost before I get to them. I think I have somewhere around 400 unread messages to my thousands of read ones. Oh, well. : )

rob said...

It's not a man v. woman thing. It's a clean, organized, intelligent :) person thing. I even delete emails from my delete box so that it's not too full---even though I'm only using about 5% of the space Google allows me to store my e-trash!