Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decembers are crazy!

In the life of a pastor's wife, Decembers are crazy. They come and go in a flash, marked only by the faded, fuzzy memory of a whirlwind of activity.

For our family it's the month we celebrate my son's birthday, our anniversary, Christ's birth (of course) and the coming of a New Year.

It's also the month that we try to use up any vacation that we still have saved because we either use it or lose it. But, we hesitate to use it too early just in case we might need it later! This year we knew we needed a vacation and we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet, and take our trip to Disneyland a few months earlier than we originally planned to take it. I'm SO GLAD we did! Hop on over to our family blog if you want to see pictures!

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