Saturday, January 15, 2011

13 Different Ingredients

I'm pretty sure produce will never again go bad in my house!

Because, anything on the brink of spoiling (though, not yet spoiled, for clarification) can be blended into one fantastically delicious green smoothie! I'm still learning the ropes, as I've only been making these for approximately two weeks now, but I can't emphasize enough that I'm pretty sure just about anything goes!

Some of my smoothies have been more yummy than others, but they've all been tasty enough for all four of us to enjoy.

Take this one for example. It has 13 different ingredients. 13! What kind of food would I be able to make that would be this diverse, yet this delicious? I can guarantee you, there is no other occasion in which I would eat some of the ingredients I find myself putting in these smoothies.

I am not a dietitian (not even close!), so I can't tell you why each of these ingredients are good for you, or what kind of vitamins and nutrients each of these provide.

But, even my wee little brain can confidently assure you that my body finds way more use from these foods than it would from Fruity Pebbles or ice cream (two of my favorite vices).

You may think I'm crazy, but you really ought to try one of these. They taste so much better than you'd think!

Today's smoothie was brought to you by the ingredients:

Bananas (2)
Coconut Milk
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