Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Peach Orange Cran Rasperry

In a labor of love love last night I asked my husband what time I'd need to have a smoothie in his hand in order for him to take one with him to a conference this morning. He's usually out the door pretty early, but I naively thought that this morning would be a later start for him. You know, where I could bless him at a reasonable hour.

He told me 7:00 would be great and he sincerely thanked me for the thoughtful gesture.

After all, he and I both know, me getting up anytime 6 is the first number on the clock is akin to torture for me.

Honestly, I'd put the number 7 in the same boat, though that's the number I usually see thanks to my spunky, happy-go-lucky 5 year old who wakes up wanting to puggle. You know, a mixture of pounce and snuggle?

So, I did as much prep work as I could last night. I stored freshly washed and cut kale, celery, cranberries and orange in the blender in the fridge.

So when I got up this morning all I had to do was top it off with the remaining frozen ingredients. This was another yummy one in my opinion. I like the orange cranberry flavor!

And, I get the added bonus of getting a smoothie blog post off before I go to work this morning. And I got to see my husband before the sun came up. And, I'll get to take a fresh yummy smoothie with me to work this morning to give me enough energy to chase 4 boys ages 5, 5, 3 and 1 for at least six hours.

I have a confession.

Every time I actually drag myself out of bed early in the morning I honestly love it. It feels good not to be so rushed. Yet somehow, I still can't make myself get out of bed. It's like exercising. Or mopping my floors. They feel so good once I do them, but mustering up the motivation to get going is something that escapes me entirely! End confession.

Here's today's recipe:

1 Stalk Celery
2/3 Cup Cranberries
1 Orange
1 Banana
2 TBSP Ground Flax Seed
1 Cup Raspberries
5 Cubes Frozen Peach
1/3 Cup Coconut Milk
3/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/3 Cup Water
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T & K said...

I have that same 'confession', however, when I do get up early I am more rushed than if I got up later because I loose track of time and manage to get pretty much nothing more done than if I slept in! At least it feels that way.

beachbirdie said...

You got me going. I needed something to have after my workout class, and decided to start taking my smoothies. I've done them in the past, but not with the variety you've shown. and never with fresh vegetables, only fruit. Totally inspiring!

I made one today with a cup of kefir added and put it in the vacuum bottle I used to use for coffee. It waited in my van for 3 hours and it stayed perfectly thick and yummy!

I add a whey protein powder, some egg white powder, flax meal, rice bran, and a "Green's Pak" (trace minerals and greens)a couple of times a week. It's not cheap but I have some documented deficiencies that hopefully the supplement will help.

Anyway, I've LOVED following your smoothie series!

Jennifer & DW said...

Just a question about your smoothies...how many servings do you get out of them, and do they store well in the freezer for later if you make too much? I am seriously going to try this, I love the idea of adding coconut milk to them!

Robyn said...

My blender makes enough for Rob and I each to have a tall glass, Leeann and Titus to have kid sized cups full, and a little left over to top off whoever wants more.

They do freeze very nicely, so blend away!

Marilyn, I'm glad you've been enjoying this series. It's been fun!