Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In My 29th Year I Will:

Today I turn 29.

I was never good at making New Year’s Resolutions. It doesn’t suit the procrastinator in me. So, instead I’m going to make a “29” resolution… an apt 7+ weeks after the rest of the world sat down to consider what they wanted their year to look like.

In my 29th year I will:

Participate in a race of some sort.

Drop 7 lbs—for good!

Begin learning Spanish.

Finally bite the bullet and dye my hair. They grey’s are staring back at me more and more each day, and I refuse to submit to their presence! Kudos to all of you who wear your grey’s as a badge of honor—I’ve decided it’s just not for me, not yet anyway!

Learn to feed my family using more home-made and natural foods. When I hit 30, I will have a repertoire of at least 30 healthy, home-made dinners, written down that I can incorporate into my regular meal planning.

Read one book a month. At least one each on the following subjects: marriage, parenting (20 and Counting, by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar--finished 3/10/11), politics (Sarah Palin, America by Heart--finished 2/28/11), home-making, nutrition (Green Smoothie Revolution--finished 3/1/11) and cooking.

Do a coupon deal where I pay nothing, next to nothing, or get cash back for my purchase.

Start a prayer journal. And use it regularly.

Find a routine for myself and my family that includes doing laundry, maintaining my house, exercising, cooking home-made dinners and writing.

Blog at least once (but preferably 3-4 times) per week.

I will do my best to achieve these aforementioned goals in my 29th year. However, I hereby reserve the right to add to, alter, change, or delete any portion of this list without warning and without guilt. I am the mom—and I make the rules.

Besides, it’s my Birthday!


T & K said...

Wow, that's an awesome list! Except for the gray hair, I think I might adopt the list! I'm currently part way through a really good book called 'Large Family Logistics'--and it deals with the routine part of your goals...and is appropriate for ANY sized family! Now, if I can find time to read it so I can implement that would be great! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

becca banana said...

Amen to the hair coloring. :)

About the home-cooked meals, this has been the most inspiring site for me:
She has so many easy ideas with a healthy twist and they are neatly categorized:
Everything I've tried making was delicious.
I have done 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 white flour for most.
I had to get used to the natural sugars she uses (sucanat, rapadura) and figure out whether they were white or brown sugar alternatives so I could make the yummy recipes even without...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! More power to ya on the goals!

Jennifer & DW said...

Ha Ha! "I am the Mom-and I make the rules." I love it, I may need to use that phrase. I love your list, it is very amitious......and I thought I was being ambitious with 3 things on my list. Way to go!

Talia said...

love it! bon courage :)