Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Love Story—My shadow

By that point in the semester school was winding down. On one hand, we all had lots of studying to do with finals on the horizon, but on the other hand most of our papers and projects were being ticked off of our to-do lists.

This is a fun time of year on a college campus. While everyone is undoubtedly stressed by their looming exams, they’re also itching to take some serious study breaks. This is particularly enjoyable when young love is in the air!

Rob and I found ourselves hanging out at the apartment of some friends on one of these such days. We were there with a rather large group of friends who gathered together to watch The Emperor’s New Groove.

We were all gathered together inside of this small apartment that looked and smelled like a bunch of early 20-something guys lived there. I mingled between groups of friends and different conversations. Suddenly I noticed that every time I went from one group to the next, I was being followed. Only it wasn’t by Rob. I was being followed by the guy whose birthday party we had attended together after our first date. The one who obviously had a growing crush on me. In fact, about 20 minutes into it I was beginning to fear that the crush was turning into a mild form of stalking. I felt like I had a shadow. Everywhere I turned, he turned. Every conversation I found myself engaged it, he was right there. And he was very obviously trying to get my attention. He kept trying to make himself look and sound good and he kept saying things that I’m sure he thought would impress me.

Little did he know I was not the least bit interested. Not the least. Not even if the man of my dreams wasn’t sitting with a group of friends just across the room—which he was. If ever I had been interested (which again, I wasn’t), I certainly wasn’t now. I’m not the kind of girl that’s impressed by pompous guys. In fact, there are few things less attractive to me than arrogance.

I wanted more than anything for Rob to walk across the room and publicly declare his affection for me so I could get this stalker away from me. He was making me increasingly uncomfortable. It was clear that Rob wasn’t ready to make such a public statement however, because he kept his distance. Perhaps he was even oblivious to this guy trying to swoop in and steal is girl.

Maybe he did notice though, and simply wasn’t concerned. I’m pretty sure after our endless hours together over those previous weeks he knew my heart was in the palm of his hands. I’m sure he was confident that there wasn’t a man alive that could swoop in and steal his girl. And if assumed as much he would have been dead on.

Eventually it became obvious that we were getting ready to watch the movie. I was itching to sit near Rob. It would be two hours of being close to him. He might even secretly hold my hand? I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do than land a spot right next to Rob. Unfortunately though, my shadow had the same idea—only he was bent on finding a spot right next to me.

I didn’t want to sit on the couch because I knew that couch would be crammed full of people who would end up sitting snuggly close together. This scenario would have been splendid if I were squished next to Rob. This scenario would have been dastardly if I were stuck next to the other guy. He certainly didn’t need any reason to be encouraged that he stood a chance with me.

Rob and I kind of eyed each other from across the room, both with the same thing on our mind I’m sure. We were trying to figure out how to nonchalantly end up sitting together. But I had this shadow I couldn’t get rid of.

Thinking I was being smart, I let everyone else find their spots before I sat down. I’d rather not end up next to Rob than accidently ending up next to stalker. Sure enough, Rob sat on the couch, but it was the first seating area to fill up. Then the chairs started to fill and even much of the floor space. Soon everyone was seated, except for my shadow and me. I waited for what seemed like forever, but he just wouldn’t sit down. He sauntered into the kitchen to get something to drink, then some more snacks and then he stood next to me making small talk.

Finally the movie got started and I didn’t want to continue talking to him lest he think I was more interested in our conversation than in the movie. So finally I sat down at the foot of the couch, near Rob, but not near enough. He scooted his leg toward my arm to gently let me know he was there.

Then my shadow plopped down right next to me. Uncomfortably close.

I looked over at Krista who had obviously seen what just happened and I looked up at her with a help me grimace on my face.

Just after the previews ended Krista encourage everyone on the couch to scoot down a little and encouraged me to join them on the couch. Bless her heart! That’s what friends are for, right? Those on the couch were privy to Rob’s and my little secret, and the waters casually departed leaving an opening right next to Rob.

I am a perpetually cold person, so I cuddled under a blanket despite being packed in a small room with a bunch of people. And for the next two hours I soaked up the glorious feeling of being squished on a couch next to Rob. I left my hand readily accessible hoping that Rob might finally take hold of it. It was all I could do not to grab his, but I was absolutely under no circumstance going to be the one to make the first move—of any sort. If he wanted my hand, he knew he could grab it any time.

My hand and my heart were his for the taking. But he was content to enjoy the moment we were in and take his sweet time. He wasn’t in a rush. As much as I wanted him to take my hand in his and never let go, I trusted his lead—and thoroughly enjoyed the next two hours squished on a couch next to him. 

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