Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Love Story—Valentine’s Weekend

The following weekend was the ever dreaded Valentine weekend. Having just severed ties with my boyfriend of nearly a year I wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending the weekend feeling sorry for myself in my dorm room while all of the other girls in my hall squealed with excitement about their upcoming romantic plans.

The forecast for my love life was bleak. It was partly cloudy with a 0% chance of love on this particular Valentine weekend. There wasn’t a prospect in sight. Unless you counted Rob—but one sided obsessions hardly count in the prospect category, right? Other than that there were a few guys I had gotten to know and enjoy as friends, but none that I was particularly attracted to or interested in. You know—except for Rob of course.

He had brought his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, granola bar and orange into the lunch room to eat that Friday afternoon. I was so grateful he’d ended up at the table I was sitting at. Not quite a week had passed since our late night conversation at Camp Tadmor, and no amount of time was enough to satiate my desire for more conversations with him.

There was a lot of talk at the table about a party that night that some of our friends were hosting together. I knew I wouldn’t get a better offer so I started to make plans in my head to attend that gathering despite the fact that I didn’t really know the hostesses very well. I was hopeful that Rob was planning to attend as well, but if he intended to go he certainly wasn’t letting on.

After a while Rob, J and I leisurely walked toward the mailroom together and Rob casually mentioned that he wasn’t really excited about attending that particular party, but that he was considering having a few friends out to his place instead. As if he hadn’t been scheming a way to get to know me better, he nonchalantly looked over at us and asked if J and I would like to come out to his place that evening.

How did I go from imagining myself spending Valentine’s weekend alone in my dorm room studying to suddenly being invited over to the house of the one guy that I couldn’t get my mind off of? Sweet!

I headed back to my dorm room and rounded up a couple of other girls so that it wouldn’t just be the three of us. I put an order in for some pizza from the cafeteria using my flex dollars and patiently waited until it was time to leave.

I looked up at the clock every 45 seconds. There was no use trying to study to pass the time… my mind was decidedly elsewhere. The clock must be broken, it isn’t moving nearly fast enough!''

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