Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Love Story—The Next Month

March, 2001

I really felt like I had made a strange connection with Rob in those early weeks. On one hand I felt like we’d become fairly good friends. On the other hand he kept an appropriate distance that helped me (attempt) to keep our friendship in perspective.

Over the next month I looked forward seeing him at church, Ekklessia, during Doves and Eagles events, during our Monday, Wednesday & Friday computer lab “chance” encounters, and occasionally during the lunch hour.

I knew I wasn’t a logical choice for him as a girlfriend. And, he certainly wasn’t giving me any reason to think I stood a chance with him. Yet, for some reason I still found myself wanting to be around him more and more… despite what I was convinced was his lack of interest.

He was like a magnet that pulled me in his direction regardless of the path I’d previously been on. If I was headed to the library when I saw him head toward the cafeteria suddenly I’d find myself incredibly hungry. If I was headed to lunch when I saw him duck into the library suddenly I’d discover that I was no longer hungry but I felt a pressing need to study.

One night our group of friends went roller skating. A small part of me wondered if, and a huge part of my hoped that, Rob would couple skate with me. When the time came for couple skating though, most of the guys, including Rob, sat on a bench. Trying not to let the boys suck the fun right out of the room, my friend Desiree and I skated together. Part way through the song we were pulled apart however. Suddenly I saw Rob and Desiree fly past me as I turned to find that the hand that grabbed mine belonged to J.

Desiree was engaged, so I wasn’t jealous. In fact, of all of the girls Rob could couple skate with that night she was the one I would have chosen for him to skate with (besides me, of course!) because she was decidedly taken already. I was, however, envious!

It was probably best though, that Rob didn’t grab my hand to skate with me. I probably never would have washed my hand again. Or perhaps I would have gone weak in the knees and fallen flat on my face. My hand likely would have gotten disgustingly sweaty or I would have turned beat red from head to toe making it incredibly obvious that I had a mad crush on him—as if he didn’t already suspect it.

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