Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Disappointed with Cars 2

Last week Rob and I did something crazy... something I thought we might end up regretting. We took our kids to the midnight showing of Cars 2. I figured we might end up regretting it if one or both of the kids ended up sleeping through the movie, or being an absolute wreck the next day. Much to our surprise, however, the kids did just fine, and enjoyed the experience of going to the movies in the middle of the night.

I did walk away disappointed though. As much as I enjoyed the experience, and even the movie, I was taken aback by the sheer volume of violence and intense scenes throughout this G rated kids movie.

I loved the original Cars movie probably more than any other kids movie out there. It was such a good movie, yet totally clean and absent of the evil villains that typically ruin most otherwise perfectly good kids movies. I loved that the essential conflict of the movie was an inner character conflict of Lightning McQueen. I loved that it could mesmerize a very young child without scaring them. It truly was an awesome movie for all ages!

In  Cars 2 the first five minutes of the movie was an intense fiery shoot out that left both of my kids covering their eyes in fear. In fact way too much of the movie consisted of needless violence including  multiple assassinations/assassination attempts. There were also several potentially perilous scenes that left both of my kids burying their heads in their blankets.

I also could have done without the bar scenes, potty humor, blatant political agenda and complicated plot line.

How this movie ended up with a G rating is beyond me. It's so disappointing to see a sequel so different from the original in terms of family friendliness that I was totally caught off guard. It was one show I thought I could take my five and seven year old kids to without previewing it or reading a review first (both of these are impossible since we saw the first showing at 12:01 am).

Pixar, I'm quite disappointed. My five year old Cars loving son has no desire to watch this movie again. I'd say you missed the mark of your target audience... by a long shot.

It was a fun family experience, but I'm sad it was wasted on such disappointing movie.


Beckys blog said...

Thanks for the heads up! We just got around to watching the 1st cars movie last month and Titus is now totally obsessed with cars. I have to do laundry pretty much daily so he can wear his Mater shirt over and over.

Jennifer & DW said...

I too was surprised with the violence in it. If we are pretending cars are people, and we are going around killing said "cars" how is this any better than letting a kid watch a James Bond movie (which was what this was modeled after...Molly 'Shiftwell' anybody?)

That being said, Elisha enjoyed it tremendously. I'm not sure if he really got the concept of the violence, or the fact that some parts were a little scary, he was just excited to see all the characters racing around.

I don't think this is a movie I will by buying for him, however.