Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Love Story—Asking God

After two glorious hours of hand holding on the couch the movie ended. But, like normal, we were no where near ready to leave each others presence. It was getting harder and harder to say good-bye each night knowing that we had some really long good-byes just around the corner.

We chit chatted a bit—talked about the movie we had just watched, upcoming finals and more about our summer plans.

Then finally, as if the electricity in the air could no longer be ignored, we talked about us.

Us. The two of us. Unquestionably a couple. As in two. Together.

I was ecstatic that he’d finally held my hand! That physical display of affection was like the missing puzzle piece. It was exactly what I needed for what was happening between us to feel real, not like something that I was blowing out of proportion.

I knew I felt extremely strong feelings for Rob, and now I knew for sure that those feelings were indeed returned. The delight I was feeling was evident by the huge smile I couldn’t seem to wipe off of my giddy little face. I typically tried to remain somewhat cool, calm and collected in Rob’s presence, but the joy I was feeling in my heart was too overwhelming not to express.

I think I just held hands for the last first time.

I had a peace in my heart that passed all understanding—a peace that only God himself can provide. I cannot say that I was absolutely positive that this was the man that I was going to marry. But I can say, without question that I was pretty sure I was staring into the eyes of the last man that was ever going to hold my hand. 

As we sat on the couch talking with one another we both found ourselves thinking the same thing. We wanted to get married. Sure, we’d only known each other for less than four months, and had been dating less than one. But it seemed glaringly obvious that God was bringing us together to bring glory to himself.

Though our pasts and families were very different we were like-minded in our faith, our hopes, our dreams and our desires for the future. We had similar ideas on how we wanted to raise a family and the ministry God was calling us into. Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of differences, but even most of those seemed to compliment each other well.

Our relationship felt so right, and we could clearly see God’s hand in it.

That night we both expressed our desire to marry one another, but even more than getting what we wanted, we wanted what God wanted.

We knew that what God desired for our lives and our future was even greater than what either of us could imagine. For both of us, what was happening between us was about as great as either of us could dream of. But neither of us claimed to know the mind or will of God regarding the future of our relationship.

So there in the barn, having just held hands for the first time, we committed to not only asking God what his will was for our relationship, but specifically asking if he would give us as his gifts to one another in marriage. We weren’t going to force it outside of God’s will, but we were hopeful—really, really hopeful—that God’s will was unfolding between us right before our very eyes.

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Becky Koontz said...

Unquestionably the best part of the story so far . . . :)