Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Intentional Acts of Blessing #27, #28, & #29

I have a few more things to add to my list of completed Intentional Acts of Blessings before my 30th Birthday. I have not done them daily, but I am committed to doing 30 total acts before I'm 30, so I realize I'm going to have to double up on some days here in the near future.

First, I took a day to bless my husband. He's taken the brunt of my self-focused attitude over the past year, and it seemed like I couldn't get too far into blessing other people until I took some time focus on the most important person in my life. And so I did.

I spent the day doing jobs around the house, focusing specifically on ones I'd left undone too long... like attacking the post Christmas pile of clutter that had landed in our upstairs hallway waiting to be packed away in the attic. And scaling Mount Washmore... the never ending enormous pile of clean clothes that had accumulated at the foot of our bed. I also did some mopping, dusting and paper sorting/purging, all jobs I loathe. Then, after I picked Titus up I called Rob to ask if there was anything I could do for him. He told me it would be a huge help if I could pick up some stamps and envelopes and come to the church to help him get his support letters out for his upcoming mission trip to Africa. Titus and I were happy to help, and it was a blessing to him to have someone else stuff and seal envelopes for him. Then in the evening I continued to ask him how I could help or if I could get him anything and I made a concerted effort to anticipate and meet his needs. Honestly, it was a lot of fun and a good exercise in selflessness.


Second, I spent two straight days in a wild baking frenzy creating fancy treats to sell at a dessert auction at our church to raise money for the missions team going to Kenya. 

Top left going clockwise: White Chocolate Kit Kat Coconut M&M's Cake. Box of Chocolate Cupcakes, Leeann and Titus melting chocolate for chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Leeann and Titus making the pretzel sticks. Side view of the Death by Chocolate Cake. Top view of the Death by Chocolate Cake. Leeann making rice krispie treats. White Chocolate Wonderland cake. Center: Cupcake Bouquet.  

I don't know the exact total, but I think my treats went for somewhere in the range of $280 total. The Death by Chocolate Cake went for $130!


Finally, I also helped the kids from my kids' school that also go to our church do a mini bake sale at the dessert auction. They raised an additional $110! That's why Leeann and Titus were making rice krispie treats and chocolate covered pretzel sticks. There were 8 adorable little kids who all did their part to help raise money. They each brought a special treat they baked and they stood behind the table and took money and handed out individual treats to people. This all started with one little kiddo's idea to get some friends involved to do a bake sale to raise money for Huruma (the slum in Kenya where our church supports a school). It's amazing what even the youngest and littlest can do to bless others... with the help of a few caring adults of course!

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