Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cakes Galore

This was a week of crazy Birthday celebrations and cake decorating. 

Our foster kiddo requested a Death By Chocolate cake, so I made her a one tiered square version and used some white chocolate to decorate the top. 

I piped white chocolate onto wax paper in various shapes (the hearts and 14) with an upside down triangle attached to the bottom to act as a pick that slides right into the cake allowing the chocolate to stand up. I piped her name and laid it flat on the cake.

This picture was taken as we rushed out the door to youth group where junior highers literally dug into this cake with their hands. I'll have to try a similar technique sometime and see if I can improve the white chocolate accents and get some better pictures for you... and maybe a tutorial of how to create the accent picks. 

Then the next day I turned around and starting working on these cupcakes for a 1 year-old's Birthday party. It was my first time working with royal icing and piping the flowers and leaves onto wax paper then transferring them to the cake. I'd never done flowers before either so this was a learning experience all the way around. 

Here are the finished cupcakes.

And a close up of one of them. The grass is made with a Wilton grass tip in case you are wondering. The already dried flowers were just set on the wet frosting. The cupcake centers are little white candy pearls. 

And this was the baby's smash cake. It's just a little two tiered cake frosted in buttercream and accented with royal icing accents. 

And because I spent the week knee deep in Birthday cakes and celebrations I declared this week an easy dinner week. I intentionally chose meals that will require minimal preparation and little clean up. My kitchen has been a perpetual disaster lately... but cake decorating is so much fun!


On a side note, if anyone needs any royal icing flowers or leaves I have a ton left over and they keep forever. I just don't want to store them without a purpose in mind. If you have a use for them, let me know soon so you can get them and they can take up space at your house! 

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Allanna said...

You are so dang talented!!!
The cakes look amazing!

And I don't blame you at all for doing easy-prep dinners. (That's kinda how I roll, oh, nearly EVERY day! :P)