Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Cupcake Bouquet

This is one of those days where pictures are going to need to tell the story for you. My kitchen is a mess (common theme, I know) and I have to head off to our church’s Wednesday night kids program in… well, soon! But still, I wanted to get this up because I don’t see very much time in my schedule to do a full on tutorial until after Valentine’s Day.

And, well, hopefully one of you will be inspired to whip up one of these Valentine Cupcake Bouquets yourself to celebrate the over expensive, over commercialized, rip-off of a holiday upcoming “Day of Love”.

I must say, if you’re going to partake in the romantic festivities, what better way to express yourself then offering up a labor of love such as this?

This particular bouquet I’m giving to a kiddo in our church to auction off at his upcoming Spaghetti feed and auction to raise money for their 8th grade D.C. trip.



The cupcake liners came from Wal-Mart, though you can buy them anywhere Wilton Cake Decorating products are sold.


Would you believe me if I told you all of the decorations came from the Dollar Tree? Well, they did. Bonus!


The green stuff is floral arrangement foam. I pieced it together with a skewer to fit my bucket.


Then I covered it with tissue paper.

I placed the fully decorated cupcakes into the green foam by poking a toothpick through the foam and then through the cupcake bottom. Then I just poked the hearts into the foam as well and arranged my ribbon to fill in the gaps between the cupcakes.

Fairly simple, and pretty cute, huh?

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