Saturday, February 22, 2014

Giant Princess Cupcake Bouquet

I made this bouquet for a little princess's 3rd Birthday party. 

The roses are made using a Wilton 1M tip. 
You Tube tutorials featuring this icing technique are easy to find. 

The pan is the used to make this giant cupcake is Wilton's Giant Cupcake Mold. 

The bottom texture is simply made free hand with a spatula that has a narrow tip. 
The tiara topping this cake is store bought. My decorating skills aren't that good!

This particular princess requested a pink and purple cake. She seemed rather delighted with the results. Of course she's only three years-old, so I think that she's rather easy to please! The inside of this cake is pink and purple zebra striped too. I think she'll be extra delighted when she sees that!

I will definitely make something similar with various colors in the future. This was a fun cake to make. I may experiment with a variety of different flowers on the top too. It seems like the possible combinations are endless.  

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