Sunday, March 16, 2014

Through the eyes of a foster child

This video is by far the most clear, heartbreaking and ultimately beautiful picture I've ever seen painted of what it's like to be a foster child.

As a foster parent I've seen glimpses of so much of what is displayed throughout this video.

The small plastic garbage bag that contains all of her worldly goods puts a lump in my throat.

Knowing that so many foster parents themselves, cause additional harm and hurt to already hurting children enrages me.

Seeing this girl react so strongly to something that was supposed to be beautiful breaks my heart. I've seen that take place with some of our kids and I know the feeling of being powerless to understand what sights, sounds, smells or feelings might be behind such an outburst.

But, the end. Oh, the end. Please watch this.

I know that being a foster parent isn't for everyone. But if this tugs on your heart and you want to talk more about the possibility of opening your home and your heart to a hurting child, please know that I would love to talk with you and answer any questions that I can.

If you can't open your home, consider being a support to someone who can. Or better yet, find a way to be a blessing to hurting and vulnerable children whether or not they're in the system. Research what it means to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Let your local DHS know if you have a skill set that might benefit foster children. Offer to mentor, teach specific skills to, or otherwise support to a foster child you may know. Befriend the child down the street who you fear may be inadequately cared for in their own home.

If this video tugs on your heart strings, please, do something.

The need is real. These kids are real and their stories are heartbreaking, but there is hope for their future. Be a part of that hope. 

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Rebecca.Alburn said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.