Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dr. Seuss Themed Giant Cupcake Bouquet *Graduation Style*


Is there any better way to display several dozen cupcakes?


This was a graduation “cake” request in pink, turquoise and lime green. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I really liked these colors together.


I enjoyed getting to use my silhouette cameo for a few parts of this cake, including this fitting quote from Dr. Seuss.

I was also able to cut out these cute little flower pieces to perfectly fit on crazy straws that I cut down to size.












I was going for somewhat of a whimsical theme. If you want more details on how I constructed this giant cupcake bouquet, you can see this post for a rough idea of how it’s done. This particular one requires a great deal of tissue paper, crazy straws, round toothpicks and a cutting machine. However, I was just introduced to Hobby Lobby which opened in my city this weekend. I found tons and tons of ideas that would create a similar look without the machine. Think ting ting, floral sprays, glitter balls, butterflies, lollipops, etc. Really, I must have found a zillion things at Hobby Lobby that could have worked to embellish a cupcake bouquet like this. I’m not sure I’m exaggerating! <------ Okay, maybe just a tad…



I used this buttercream frosting, and made the roses with a 2D tip. I have officially decided I prefer this tip to the 1M, though they both work just fine.

Did I mention we just got a Hobby Lobby? They have so many cake decorating supplies that I am beside myself. I’m sure there will be another Giant Cupcake Bouquet in my future.

They have fake flower embellishments in every color you could imagine.

They have myriads of cupcake liner colors.

And icing colors.

And pretty things that sparkle. Lots of pretty things that sparkle.

I told Rob he could pretty much buy me anything in that store and I’ll probably love it. There will be no need for him to ever go to another store to purchase gifts for me.

The signs.

The stamps.

The party supplies.

The decorations.

I’m seriously so in love. With a store. Which is pathetic.

But I own it. Not the store, my pathetic-ness.

Could you imagine if I actually OWNED the store?

It’s a beautiful thought, but for your sake one that I will not expound upon.

I need to get going and get back to reality, unfortunately. 


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