Friday, October 17, 2014

My Dream is but a Dream

I’ve had several people ask me recently about opening up a bakery. Which makes sense, considering my recent post. However, perhaps I didn’t emphasize the last part clearly enough. We’re an anti-debt kind of family. And I currently have $30 in my bakery envelope. I’ll let you sit on that a bit and mull over the likelihood of me actually opening up a bakery in the near future.

Regardless, I have let myself dream a little bit about what it would be like to move into an unconventional space that would allow us to both live and run a bakery out of the same location. That would be cool. That, we would actually consider. That could actually make sense. Except for the fact that the likelihood of finding a space that fits that bill is about as likely as my $30 multiplying quickly enough to turn this dream into anything more than—well—a dream.

But still, I’ve tested a few recipes lately, like these delicious pumpkin spice scones. I’ve landed on a name for my ‘business’—I think. I’ve worked a little bit on logo design ideas and price lists. I checked out some books at the library and I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest.


Really though, it’s probably all a feeble attempt to figure out what’s next for our family. Rob’s job is a limited duration job and my job is phasing out over the next few months. We’re putting our house on the market to be ready for what’s next—whenever that comes about. Even if we stay here we know our home isn’t a good long-term fit for us, so that step seems to make sense. I feel so anxious to know what’s next that I’ll be honest—I’m having a hard time resting in what is. People. We’re so complicated, aren’t we?

So in some ways, dreaming about scones and cupcakes gives me something tangible that I can mull over during this stage of life when absolutely EVERYTHING is up in the air. It allows me to dream about the possibility of making money doing something I truly enjoy doing. Whether we try to replant our uprooted roots locally or plant them elsewhere, I can always count on the fact that I will have an oven. And wherever I have an oven, I can bake cupcakes. And if I can bake cupcakes, I can feed people. If people like the cupcakes I feed them, I can sell cupcakes. And if I can sell cupcakes, I can make money. If I can make money doing something I enjoy then I don’t have to fret about making money doing something I don’t enjoy. 

Rob’s been kind enough to indulge and encourage my dreaming and scheming lately while still offering his readily available voice of reason into the mix. I need that man. And he needs me. God couldn’t have brought together two more different people that compliment each other so well. Except, he doesn’t really like cupcakes. Ironic, isn’t it?

So, there you have it, folks. Don’t hold your breath for Robyn’s Nest Bakery to open it’s doors any time soon. But, I’m always up for baking you something beautiful! 


Crista Hagan said...

While you're Pinterest-ing, I would suggest looking for off-beat, alternative recipes...gluten free, Trim Healthy Mama, and the like. I bet you could find a good niche for people like myself who want to enjoy the artful deliciousness of a good cupcake, without filling our bodies with a toxic combination of fat and sugar. You could spend time doing some research and perfecting of alternative recipes as you build up your nest-egg :)

Robyn said...

I'm always up for trying something new, though in all fairness I probably need to spend the majority of my time testing main-stream recipes.

You know, since not putting sugar and fat together doesn't typically go together with the word bakery. ;)

But yes, I will definitely try to be able to serve people's needs in the future!

Anonymous said...

Fat is not inherently bad. It's actually quite healthy. Butter is a wonderful thing to consume, as are coconut or avocado/olive oils. Sugar, right, isn't good. Processed things never are! But Honey is also a wonderful alternative.

Agreed on the gluten free. It's a big thing now - and I'd definitely say mainstream.