Saturday, June 20, 2015

Red and Black Wedding Cake with Cascading Flowers


This cake has a 14" chocolate pound cake base with a chocolate ganache buttercream filling, and a 10" and 6" white cake with a cinnamon buttercream filling.


It is finished with a rustic buttercream icing finish. And can I just say, it weighed a TON. I could hardly twist it, let alone pick it up. I’m so grateful for my husband’s willingness to be my personal cake delivery man. I quite literally could not have done this one without him!


And this is me with one of my creations. I sure have enjoyed learning a little bit more with each cake I’ve done. I can’t imagine how people learned all the ins and outs and tips and tricks before blogs, online forums and Youtube. I still find myself Googling a great deal of questions during each of my baking sessions. I am grateful that so many people take the time to share their knowledge with the rest of us. Maybe someday I’ll get some “official” training, but in the mean time I’m enjoying trying my hand at different techniques as I continue to learn the fine art of baking from others via the world wide web.

If you’re a baker, what resources have you found to be most helpful in your own learning process? I’m always open to learning new things!  

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