Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dear Little One-- Brudderly Love

Dear Silas,

I took this picture of you this morning. I have dozens of others just like it. From day one, your brother (or 'brudder' as we like to say) has studied you. He quickly figured out how to soothe you, how to make you happy, and my favorite-- how to get you to sleep.

Dare I say it, some days he's better able to soothe you than even I am.

There is an incredibly special bond between the two of you and that really took me by surprise given your 11 year age gap.

Each and every day he asks if he can get 'pinned' during your morning nap. This is a code word for, "Mom, can I please hold him and let him sleep on me while I watch something on my computer?" Lest you think he only asks to hold you when he can get computer time, be assured that he also asks to hold you while you nap even when he can't have screen time.

Your brudder has literally figured out how to get you to fall asleep in seconds and some how he manages to get you to stay asleep for hours. It's almost magical to watch. You start to wake up and he resumes bouncing you with your bum sticking out. He burries his face in yours, shushes you, and gently closes your eyes with his hands. Then he kisses your forehead and you drift back to sleep. We call him the baby whisperer!

He loves his little brudder. A lot. It's so evident.

He's also fiercly protective of you. Since day one he has double checked to make sure your carseat and stroller are buckled properly. Okay, okay, one time I forgot to buckle you in your stroller and you almost fell out and it turns out to be a good thing Titus double checked. I'm sure you can ask him about it because I'm pretty sure I will NEVER live that one down!

When you were tiny, your brudder would sneak in close to your face and ask me if I was sure you could breathe. He checks for choking hazards and falling hazards, and if you cry he will rush to wherever you are to assess the situation. He's even been known to do that when you are fussy at night, even though he's long been asleep himself. He'll stumble out of his room and through tired eyes ask, "Mom, would you like me to get him to sleep?"

He can hardly walk by you without touching you, kissing you, and telling you he loves you.

One of the most significant ways he's taken care of you is by taking care of me. Since the moment he found out I was pregnant, this kiddo literally turned from a boy into a young man. He selflessly asks what he can do, what he can get me, and how he can help. He fetches water, food, burpies, blankets, binkies, diapers, wipes, and sometimes even chocolate. Whatever your mama needs, whenever she needs it!

You are getting bigger and bigger by the day and I'm not sure how much longer he can cuddle you to sleep with his magical hold. Though, I have a sneaky suspicion that even when you can't snuggle up on his lap you will still be snuggled by his side. This bond is unbreakable. And it warms my heart.



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