Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Central Park

Next we headed to The American Girl Place, which was AMAZING! I didn't take any pictures of it though. I must have been too enamored by the rows, and floors, shelves and display cases full of American Girl dolls, books and accessories. It was unreal!

Not that I would have bought Leeann a Samantha doll (though I would have been really, really tempted) for $90, but I couldn't even if I would have wanted to because they retired Samantha. They put her in the archives and she's no where to be found now. Except for on Ebay where you will now pay a fortune for her because she's archived. 

So, she got a mini version of the Samantha doll, and one of her books to read too. 

Next stop: Central Park!

It was fun to walk around Central Park! We had ourselves a mini-photo shoot. Mind you, this was taking place at dusk which made it difficult for me to determine the best settings for the ever-changing light. And, my camera was regularly popping up with an error message making it impossible to take more than one picture in a row without having to turn the camera on and off between pictures (not all the time, but much of the time.) AND, the LCD screen on my camera had cracked sometime that morning or the night before, exposing jagged glass at the bottom of my camera screen...

But other than that, we had fun. Here are some of our pictures!


Just lounging in Central Park with my kids favorite loveys!
And this is me practicing my cheesy grin as we tried to show Carmen how to use my camera. Man, I've got the cheesy grin down!

Check out the squirrel in these two pictures. He's fearless! I, for one, would be afraid of a whacked-out woman setting her stuffed animals near me to take a picture!

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