Thursday, May 13, 2010

Empire State Building

I know I've said this about so many things I've seen, but this was hands-down the single most beautiful thing I saw on this whole trip. Except for the times I got to see my kids on Skype. And when I started to miss them and scrolled down through our family's blog just to look at pictures of their gorgeous faces!

I'm so glad we went at night. It was beautiful. Windy, but beautiful! We were 86 floors up, towering over the world. You can see 80 miles and 4 different states from there. Did I mention it was beautiful?

My photography skills are lacking a little here too, but I got some good ones considering how still you need to keep your camera when it's on night mode.

By the way, Central Park and The Empire Statue Building have got to be two of the most romantic places on the earth. I found myself dreaming of being there with Rob. Maybe someday!

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