Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jersey Shore

Yesterday we slept in a little. Then I got my hair cut by SJ's friend and we headed off to the Jersey Shore where I got to touch the Atlantic Ocean!

The beach was virtually empty. The sand was different than it is on the Oregon Coast. In fact, the whole experience was strangely different... yet similar.

It was a little cloudy, but not too windy or even too terribly cold. The ocean is so big! I'm trying not to use the word beautiful again, but I just can't help it. It was beautiful!

I'm not quite sure how anyone can look at creation for very long and not come to the conclusion that it was created by God.

We intended to spend some more time at the beach and then head to a different beach with a classic Jersey Shore boardwalk, but we cut our trip short when SJ's brother called and offered us two tickets to the Met's game!

So we headed back into the city on a whim one last time to watch the Met's play. It was an amazing game! I'll have to tell you more about it when I can get the pictures off of SaraJane's camera. 
And this concludes this portion of posting about my East Coast Adventure. I have a few pictures yet to post from today, but I won't be able to get to those until later sometime. I don't imagine I'll have much in the way of down time in the next several days. I've got a wonderful husband and some kids to spend some much needed quality time with!

It's almost 4 am East Coast time. I decided just to stay up all night to get these posts finished and to bask in my last few moments of quite reflection before I fly home. We'll be leaving for the airport in a little over an hour. My flight leaves at 7 and I'll be wrapped in the arms of my husband and kiddos shortly after 12:00 pm Pacific Coast Time. 

And I have a strange feeling I'll have no problem sleeping throughout the duration of both of my flights! Thanks for tuning in to my East Coast Adventure... it's been fun!

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