Tuesday, May 11, 2010

East Coast Day... Something

Ground Zero, Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Trump Tower, American Girl Place, Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Paul's Chapel, Empire State Building...

We had such an incredibly long, super fun day in New York City yesterday. I came home and crashed, then we were off and running again today. And once again, it's super late and there's no way I can even begin to blog tonight about the many amazing things I experienced. 

I've decided that there's no way to cover yesterday's adventures in one post. So, until I can get around to posting about each place in the detail it deserves, I'm going to leave you with this one incredible picture of the amazing view I got the distinct pleasure of witnessing last night. It was probably the most breath-takingly beautiful thing I have ever seen! 

(Click on the picture to make it larger to get the full effect)

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