Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trump Tower

Okay, this building is huge. It's enormous. It's also sparkly and shiny, full of glitz. And best of all--it has it's own Starbucks!

I wanted to say I'd drank a Starbucks drink inside the Trump Tower, so I sauntered up to the second floor mezzanine and ordered my usual. A grande no-whip double chocolate chip blended creme.

The barista told me they were all out of the frappacino base so they couldn't make any of the frappacino blended cremes. I was bummed, but I ordered a hot chocolate anyway (which was probably better because it was getting cold).

I step aside to wait for my drink and the guy behind me orders a strawberry blended creme. She proceeds to tell him that they're out and he says, "Are you kidding?" Then the customer looks at another barista and says, "She's kidding right?" The second barista started to tell him that she wasn't kidding, but then he said, "Ah, for you I can make a blended creme. And then he proceeded to make a blended creme right in front of me! It's not a huge deal, but it made me feel like a second class citizen... not worthy of the good stuff.

Then again, I was in the Trump Tower of all places. Perhaps I was like a second class citizen in that environment! Was it the clothes? The hair? The lack of Gucci?

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