Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learning to Fly Day 1

I am a serious procrastinator. Because of this I need to be told what to do. I am a woman who solely functions based on external pressure and deadlines. If I don't have a deadline hanging over my head I never accomplish anything. I clean my house when I'm having company over. I make a meal-plan the night before my husband goes to the grocery store. I buy gifts the day of the party (even though I've known about it for months). I begin my shower/get dressed/get ready routine an hour before I have to be somewhere... regardless of what time that is. Like right now, it's 10:48 and I'm in my jammies. I usually would have gotten ready by now, but Rob's picking Leeann up from school today so I know I don't have to be ready just yet. It's almost like I'm incapable of thinking ahead unless someone (or something) forces me to.

I'm not saying it's good, I'm just saying that's how I operate. It's kind of pathetic when I think about though.

Lately I feel like I've become more and more keenly aware of my faults and disfunctions. The way I care for my home is certainly on the top of that list. I am repetedly frustrated with the fact that I don't just keep my home company ready. It's always somewhat close, I by no means live in a pig-sty, but it seems like there's potential chaos looming around every corner. Except for the corners that my husband won't let me touch anymore... like the pantry. He's a little more organized than I am. Okay, maybe a lot more! But, he's the one that puts our food away (because he does the grocery shopping) and the pantry always looks nice. Except for when I put things back in the wrong places. I digress...

All this to say, it's high-time I get my house back into working order, and it's high-time I figure out how to build some daily routines into my life that help me to function outside of the pressure of a looming deadline. I used to 'fly' with the FlyLady, once upon a time. She walks by you step-by-step to help you build good habits into your daily routine. But when I was pregnant and my kids were super young I kind of gave up on her. Well, I'm not pregnant and my kids aren't super young anymore. So FlyLady... as of today, I'm welcoming you back into my life for a 31 day trial. Can you conquer me and my bad habits? It's not going to be easy FlyLady, but I'll try really really hard to obey you for 31 days. I make no promises... other than I promise to try.  

When you first start flying you are supposed to follow a 31 day plan called, The Baby Steps.

Anybody want to take flying lessons with me?

Today's babystep:

I'm going to do that after I shower. Because I'm watching my newphews in just over an hour which means I need to get ready now. Then I'm going to shine my sink. Then I'm going to make some of The Pioneer Woman's Salted Carmel Brownies because I have an obsession with The Pioneer Woman and her amazing food. And I love what she's doing to my cooking skills. But that's a whole other set of posts. Today... I'm going to shine my sink!

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