Monday, May 24, 2010

The Nutley Diner-- Second Time Around

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My last night in Jersey was spent at SJ's church followed by a ritualistic trip to the Nutley Diner. All these fun, crazy people had a little too much fun with Beary Bear and Birdie Alex, whom they'd all become quite fond of by the end of the trip! 

Then I stayed up all night like a crazy person. I wanted to finish blogging and the flight was super early. As silly as it sounds I'd rather be up all night than have to wake up that early. Besides, I was thinking that I wanted to sleep on the plane and try to get back on West Coast time. All I ended up doing is being dead-tired. It was not the brightest idea I ever had!

Then I got to the airport and ended up behind someone who obviously doesn't know how to use the self check-in kiosk. After a good 10 minutes I finally got to check in only to be told that it was too late to check my bag. I had NO idea you had to check it 45 minutes prior to departure... or I would have been extra careful to get there plenty early. But seriously, what did they expect me to do with my big hurkin suitcase? Leave it there? Besides, it was 43 minutes until departure at this point. Luckily they took the bag, but it took an extra long time for them to figure out how to over-ride the system to let my bag on. 

Then I got chastised by two different people for carrying on too much stuff, but there's no way I was going to spend another $25 to check my small little carry-on bag. So I had to reorganize my stuff trying to get it all to fit in a different way. 

Then I got the security scanners. Those things always make me sweat for some reason. Take of your belt, your shoes, empty your pockets, go through metal detectors. Watch the lady behind the screen examine the contents of your bag and hope that you don't end up getting a 'special' screening when you're already near being late for your flight. 

Sure enough. She called over a supervisor who asked me to gather my things and step aside so she could further inspect my bags. She went through every pocket and crevice, examining everything in my bags with diligence. I tried really hard to refrain from being cranky, as she was just doing her job. In fact, I thanked her for doing her job so well, as I appreciate the measures they take to keep us safe. I really wanted to hug my family again! I was just really hoping I wouldn't miss my flight!

I'm pretty sure it was the jagged glass on my camera's newly broken LCD screen that set off the super-search. It makes sense anyway. 

I obviously made it home, though the landing in Portland was rough. The guy next to me said he fly's a lot and that was by far the hardest landing he's ever experienced. Luckily though, it was over with just about as soon as it happened so there was no need for intense panicking on my part. I needed to take a few really deep breaths though!

Shortly thereafter I was greeted with hugs and kisses (and Titus's first words which were, "Where's my presents?"). It was so good to be back home after being gone so long! 

All in all, it was a much needed break for me. I was by no means wanting to run away from my family. The opportunity for me to go just happen to arise and we took it. Besides, I found it to be helpful for me to occasionally remember that I'm a person too, not just a wife and mommy. Getting time away like this helps me to not want to run away! I'm so grateful for the time I was able to spend on the East Coast with my friend SaraJane, for the adventures I journeyed on and for the hospitality I received by so many. 

And this concludes my reminiscing about my East Coast Adventure. Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more adventures in the life a pastor's wife... like adventures in cooking!

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