Monday, May 24, 2010

The Kiss

I met some of the coolest people on my trip. SJ's church is full of some really, really awesome people. I seriously felt like I was leaving a bunch of good friends!

They all do this one thing that I find quite funny though. The ALL greet each other with a kiss. Seriously, there's kissing everywhere. I got kissed, many times, by virtual strangers. Apparently this is normal on the East Coast. This isn't odd to them. But to me, this is very, very odd! We give a good ole hand shake to people when we greet them on the West Coast.

Here's a demonstration for you. It's not a real kiss, but kind of a cheek-to-cheek kiss, with a kissy noise attached.

And here it is from another angle. Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

And here's the male version. Kind of a pseudo cheek-to-cheek with less kissy noise and more back-slapping.

And now, if you ever find yourself visiting the East Coast you know not to be weary of the fact that you will be kissed, by lots and lots of very friendly people!
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becca said...

Weirdos. :) No, seriously, that's kind of neat it just seems surprising that there are such cultural differences across the US of A. What a cool trip.

Tal said...

lol, welcome to France! They all do that here and the first time someone started to do it to mean I totally freaked out! But alas now it's normal... :)