Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Apparently I don't have a comment notification on this blog. My other blog shoots me an email every time someone leaves a comment. Unfortunately, someone had a few no-so-nice things to say about me and my family on that blog once upon a time, so I had to start moderating my comments. I think it's more fun when they show up right away so as long no one starts spouting off about how much they dislike me and/or those in my household, I'll leave this blog comment-moderation free. Don't abuse it! :0)

Anyway, I had NO idea I had any comments on this blog. None. I kind of thought I was writing to myself... which I'd still do, because I find it fun regardless of who's reading. But, I admit, it's nice to know that there are other people reading this. And comments are the best way to know who's reading and what they think about what I'm writing. I find them fun. I find them delightful! So, at the very least, thank you Carrie, Kristen, Marilyn and Becca for reading my blog... and especially for commenting!

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