Saturday, July 31, 2010

Money Matters Part 1

We have random areas of our lives that we have philosophies for. Several areas of our lives have goals, purpose statements or vision statements attached to them (not every area, just some). We even have a family goal statement for our trips to Disneyland. Seriously!

Well, one area of our lives that we are particularly passionate about is the area of finances. We've always tried really hard to be good stewards of our money, regardless of how much we were making. We've always had a commitment to spend less than we earn... which was particularly trying when it was $800 a month. Yes, that's how much we made when we first got married. But, we lived on it!

Though we've always had good intentions with our money, it wasn't until a year and a half ago that we started to really understand money and fine-tune our family's financial plan. If you follow Robyn's Nest, you've read all about our financial adventures, and are probably sick of hearing about it. If you're that curious you can link to this post, which links to all of our posts about or financial journey.

The bottom line is this. When we really started to understand our money, and when we decided to tell it what to do instead of it telling us what to (or not to) do, we paid off $25,000 in medical debt and student loans in 14 months. There is so much freedom that comes along with not owing anything to anyone, and to knowing there's enough money in the bank to (hopefully) prevent us from ever having to owe anything to anyone (barring an unforeseeable catastrophic event). Except for our mortgage. We're working on that too... thought that'll take a bit longer than 14 months!

In Money Matters Part 2, I'll let you in on our philosophy for teaching our kids good money principals. And in Part 3, I'll show you what I'm really excited about... Leeann's new job chart! I figured letting you in on a little bit of our financial journey would perhaps help you better understand where we're coming from and why we're so passionate about teaching our kids to be good financial stewards.

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