Monday, November 1, 2010

Abandoned Cookies

This afternoon Titus and I made some spiced molasses cookies for Rob to take with him to his elders meeting tonight.

We slaved.

We made a disaster out of the kitchen.

We worked hard.

We placed them beautifully in this nice new sqaure bowl I got.

And Rob left them on the counter!

So I paired them with some ice cream and sat down to watch Hannah Montana.

Afterall, the kids went to bed super early tonight since we let them eat all the candy they wanted between when Leeann got off of school and dinner time, and they had quite a sugar crash after dinner was finished.

After this bowl of ice cream, I might join them!
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Anonymous said...

Hey! You're not trying to out-do my Molasses cookies, are you? He he...just teasing. They look delicious! Bring one tomorrow night and we can have a cookie competition :)

Robyn said...

I am making zero attempt at trying to out-do your Molasses cookies... such an attempt would be futile!

I've actually had the ingredients on hand for a couple of weeks now. I was going to make them to replace my flopped cinnamon rolls for Pastor's Appreciatioin, but then someone else made such a beautiful tasty batch of these same cookies so I decided to abandon that idea too! There are some thing with which I just can't compare!