Monday, January 3, 2011

Better Than Ice Cream-- My Perfect Smoothie!

Oh my golly gee goodness... I just made the most delicious smoothie. I wish you could taste it! If you were here right now I'm not even sure if I'd let you taste it because I want it all for myself!

Notice I didn't call this THE perfect smoothie. Rather, MY perfect smoothie.

A lot of people like berries. Rob would be happy with a smoothie that contains nothing but berries. I'm trying to learn to like berries. I'm not quite there yet. Except for strawberries. Who doesn't like strawberries? This is the perfect blend of creamy, cold, nutritious yummy goodness!

Here's the recipe:

1/2 Avocado
1 Banana
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Strawberries
Green Grapes
1.5 TBSP Flax Seed
1 Cup of Water
6 Ice Cubes

Seriously delicious. I'm sitting here next to a whole pile of cookies I made for small group tomorrow night and I'm not even kind of tempted by them. I'm not even sad that there isn't ice cream in my freezer right now (and that's something I don't say lightly!). Now I have to figure out what kind of container to freeze this in. This is most definitely going to be breakfast for me too!

I might have found my new go-to smoothie. Though, certainly the whole idea of this movement for me is getting a variety of vitamins and nutrients that I wouldn't normally get, so I'll try really hard not to just reproduce this particular drink every day for the rest of my life.

But for tonight, I'm going to enjoy it. Then when I've finished this glass I'm going to pour myself another glass guilt free! That's the beauty of the green smoothie!
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becca banana said...

My coworker heard me say I love smoothies and the next day put this enormous recipe book of smoothies on my desk. Most were very strange combos or things that sounded good but you wouldn't typically have ingredients around.
I love having frozen fruits in the freezer because we always have bananas and a basic yogurt to add. Mmmmmmmm, sounds good right now!!!

T & K said...

I'll have to try that, the whole avocado thing I'm not so sure about, but that's the point right? Eat the things you won't normally touch! Thanks for sharing.

becca banana said...

This made me think of you:
:) maybe, maybe not?

Rachel Page said...

I love avocado smoothie. I made it almost everyday last summer. I will try adding frozen fruits just like your perfect smoothie.