Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy Hair Night

Not that I expect anyone to want to copy this particular hair style (except maybe, for a crazy hair night, like this was done for), but here's a peek at my daughter's fantastically crazy hair!

This was accomplished with a plastic cereal bowl, the topsy turvy hair tool, a whole lot of hair gunk and some pink hair spray.

I wonder what her teachers would say if I sent her to school like that?

I wonder what church members would say if the pastor's 7 year-old daughter came into church like that on a Sunday morning? That might drum up a few comment cards!

She very proudly displayed her super funky hair during Kidstruction (our church's kids' small groups). I decided to go with the fork-in-the-hair Pippy Longstocking look. Apparently someone else stole my idea... minus the forks!

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