Saturday, April 30, 2011

A (Hopefully) Short Love Story Hiatus

I know I have some rock-star love story followers who might hunt me down and maim me for taking a hiatus from my love story... but I'm afraid I have to--for your own benefit.

You see, I have a habit of jumping in with both feet without really calculating the cost and/or evaluating some of the potential obstacles. I'm a raging optimist. I don't always think things through all the way. I just assume they'll all work out. And they usually do!

One thing I neglected to factor in is how much fun I would have recounting those early days of our relationship. I didn't set out to write our story down in so much detail but now I'm bent on remembering as much of it as humanly possible. I am thoroughly enjoying remembering all of the reasons I fell head-over heels in love with my husband. In fact, I know this might sound silly, but I feel like I'm falling in love with him all over again!

The other thing I failed to do was create a plan of attack. Before tackling a writing project of these proportions someone less inclined toward flying by the seat of their pants might have actually done some research, gathered information, wrote a time-line, brainstormed some ideas or put some general thought into what they wanted to accomplish.

I, on the other hand asked Rob for permission to write our love story on a Tuesday morning and had the first post published by mid-afternoon. And then I just kept writing. And you liked it. So I wrote some more. Then I kept writing.

At first it was easy because I remembered so much of it in glorious, vivid detail.  But now, things are getting a little fuzzy in my mind. Which event came first? Am I remembering this correctly? At what point did (fill in the blank) happen?

I've found a fairly long paper trail that is helping me piece things together, but I feel like I've got a huge missing link. I'm missing Rob's love notes to me from that Spring. I've scoured the attic multiple times. I've sifted through box after box. I've searched under the bed and in every nook and cranny of my closet. I've looked in the obvious and easiest to access places they might be in the garage. And tonight I went through a box that I was certain would contain some of the notes... to no avail. I'm thinking that they have to be somewhere in the garage but finding them is going to require me to clean out the garage... and that's no easy task!

And, since I've spent nearly all of my precious spare time actually writing our love story, I have had very little time to do the research that will really help me capture the essence of how things unfolded between Rob and I. I have kind of been a little hard on myself this week because I haven't written more. I'm certain that more of our story unfolded during the last week of April in 2001 than I have recorded here. I hesitate to record the little that I do remember because I'm not confident about the details. But I'm not wanting to gloss over these pivotal weeks to keep up on my promise of bringing our story to you in "real time" 10 years later.

So I'm giving myself permission to deviate from "real time" long enough to sort through the paper trail that I can find, and hopefully, to tackle my garage and find the long lost missing link that is also known as Rob's love notes to me.

I promise, I won't be gone too long. And when I get back I'll do my best to fill you in on the time I missed and catch up to real time as soon as possible. The good news for you is that you'll get a more complete and accurate picture of our love story, and you'll also get more posts in a row for your reading pleasure!

The good news for me is that I can stop stressing out about being behind on the story and really take the time to enjoy the notes and journal entries that I've found from that amazing time in my life. Thanks for your understanding!

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Marshall's Corner said...

Hurry back once you find them =)

T & K said...

Should we be praying they're in the last box you organize in the garage for your garage's sake or the first box for our sake? : )

Robyn said...

Definitely the first box! My garage has been a wreck for three years. There's no use messing with a good thing now!