Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Love Story—And Then There Was One

I was so grateful for Krista’s words of wisdom. And I was also grateful to finally have an answer to my dilemma. As much fun as it had been to have two fantastic guys giving me their attention, I was looking forward to settling my heart and mind by focusing on just one relationship instead of two.

Even if my relationship with Rob didn’t go beyond one date, at least I would know, without ever having to question, that that’s as far as it would have gone.

Now, the unthinkable—breaking it to J. I didn’t want to hurt him, because he had become a good friend of mine, and he was a really good friend of Rob’s.

But, the reality of the situation was that at some point, someone was going to get hurt. I’m sure he had wanted the chips to fall differently at that point in time, but deep down I think he knew my decision was coming.  And deep down I knew I needed to stop stringing him along as soon as possible. It was only fair now that I had made up my mind. He needed to know where I stood.

So, we went out to ice cream again. Sitting across from him at this point was so much different than it had been two weeks earlier. Two weeks earlier I had assumed that our being out on a date together meant that the guy of my dreams had no interest in me, and so I began to be open to the idea of dating J.

And, now, here I was, trying to figure out the words to say to let him know where I stood. Again, being a strong proponent of the truth, I told him about my conversation with Krista, and how that conversation made it very apparent to me that I wanted to get to know Rob better. And, trying to be as clear as possible, I let him know that I didn’t see my relationship with him becoming anything more than friends.

I was sad, knowing our friendship was never going to be the same—how could it be after going through what we just went through? But that sadness quickly turned into anticipation when I realized that my first date with Rob was just around the corner!

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T & K said...

Oh, the dreaded 'talk' to let someone know that you're not much harder when you actually could like the guy! I remember having to do that a couple times, not fun and you just gotta hope that they understood!