Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Love Story—Finally, a Real Date!

I don’t remember anything about the following day, which was a Tuesday. Until after I settled into my desk that evening to do homework, that is. Like any good college girl would do, I started off my marathon homework session by opening up my instant messenger, ICQ. It didn’t take long before I heard the familiar chime of a message popping up on my computer. It was J! After a brief bit of casual chit chat he asked me if he could take me out to ice cream. Ice cream? As in, a date? I giddily squealed to myself and relayed the message word for word to my roommate Tara so I could get an outside opinion as to whether or not I was being asked out on a date. She confirmed my suspicions and I made plans to meet J in the lobby.

A date, a real date!

I was excited to finally get an answer to my question—which guy was helping the other guy get an opportunity to get to know me better. I’ll be honest, I was a little bummed that the chips hadn’t fallen a little bit differently, as I had by that point, a two-month fascination with this older man. But, J was a great guy, and one of my best friends on campus. So, I quickly began to adjust my mind-set toward being open to the idea of dating J.

So I got ready, heeded some last minute advice from Tara, and headed out on my way. That night J and I went out to ice cream and spent some more time walking around downtown, covering many of the same wonderful places to stroll that he and I (and Rob) had walked just two nights earlier.

We had some great conversations that night. Some real, live, adult, date-type conversations. I couldn’t believe I was actually out on a date!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d been on plenty of dates before. I had more boyfriends in high-school than I’d care to admit. But all of those relationships seemed so uh, high-school in comparison.  

The more J and I talked the more I realized that I was pretty sure Tara was right. Rob was taking an interest in me for the purpose of helping J and I get to know each other better. Though I had been interested in Rob as more than a friend from the very beginning, I was now allowing myself for the first time to consider the possibility of J being more than a friend. The idea was certainly growing on me. After all, ice cream was—and still is—the way to my heart!

Eventually we headed home and made plans to hang out again the following night.

So, I headed back to my dorm, spilled all of the juicy details to Tara and headed to bed.

I, for one, was grateful that this “Who likes who?” mystery was finally solved.

Or was it?

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beachbirdie said...

Arrgghhh! More suspense!

Robyn said...

You're going to have to get used to it! :0)

T & K said...

Whew, I've been so busy, now I get to read three, yippy no suspense for a tiny bit! : )