Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Love Story—A Pastor’s Wife

I found myself eating alone before my dinner shift in the cafeteria early one evening. The cafeteria didn’t open for another half hour so I enjoyed some much needed time to myself staring out the huge windows just beyond the table I was sitting at.

I found myself lost in thought about all that God had taught me during my first month at Corban. My life had taken a decidedly different direction the day I set foot on that campus. I had learned so much about God, about myself and about what I wanted for my future.

I suddenly began thinking about the first time I heard Rob preach. I was reminded of my desire to marry a man who loved God and desired to serve him so much that it showed in every aspect of his life. Someday—when the time was right—I wanted to marry a man sold out for the cause of Christ.

Suddenly I about choked on my pizza. If I hold out for a man like this there’s a good chance I’m going to marry a pastor. A pastor? Could I seriously marry a pastor? If I married a pastor that would make me… a pastor’s wife.

I tell you what, if God’s calling me to marry a pastor I’ve chosen the right school. There were prospective pastors all over the place.

 But really, could I seriously consider being a pastor’s wife?


T & K said...

I never thought I'd be a pastor's wife...not even when I married Travis (and he was a youth pastor at the time...oh, wait he still is)!

Beckys blog said...

I'm the opposite. I thought I was going to be a pastors wife...but that only lasted for about 1 year.