Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Love Story—The Name Game

That next day I walked back from chapel toward the Pavilion where my next class was held. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw Rob. I think. It’s got to be him… right?

I nonchalantly picked up my pace to get a closer look. He was wearing a grey fleece jacket and had a black messenger bag draped over his shoulder. Yup, that was definitely him!

He momentarily stopped near the door to a classroom flashing his gorgeous grin as he wrapped up a conversation with someone.

I'm pretty sure this was the classroom he was walking into that day.

Is he a professor? I thought to myself.

I watched him walk into the classroom and take a seat near the front. Nope,he’s definitely a student!

A student? As in, possibly close to my age? As in, maybe not married after all? As in... potentially eligible?

Oh, get your head out of the clouds, Robyn. This guy is so far out of your league. Even if he is eligible your chances with him are smack dab in the middle of Slim and his good friend None.

Still, I couldn’t help myself. During my next class I let my mind wonder toward the what ifs and just maybes.

And when I got back to my dorm room after class I did what any sensible girl would do. I whipped out my student directory and scoured the thing looking for any and every Rob or Robert there was.

There were two. I knew it wasn’t Robert Truax, because he went by Bobby and I already knew him. By process of elimination I figured out that his last name must have been Buhl. I wonder how you pronounce that? I pondered.   

In my head I went through the short list of possible pronunciations and decided that any of them would have been acceptable in the random off chance that this incredible man decides to take an interest in me and carry me off into the sunset where I will assume his last name and we will live happily ever after. Even Cinderella might have thought twice about marrying Prince Charming if his last name had been Weinerschnitzl!

This situation could get really tricky given the fact that our names were already so close and both had dual meanings. Rob and Robyn Robins. Rob and Robyn Robinson. Rob and Robyn Roberts. Rob and Robyn Banks. Rob and Robyn Byrd. Rob and Robyn Nest… see, there could be some potential deal breakers simply based on last name alone.

But, Rob and Robyn Buhl. I could live with that. I could definitely live with that.

You know, in the off chance that this guy actually figures out that I’m even alive…

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Diana said...

This is cracking me up!!!

abertolini said...

Love this post! Your writing is great-and can't we all relate to those thoughts!? I actually know a Robin whose married name is Robin Banks :-)...I guess true love doesn't care that much after all!

beachbirdie said...

I love the way you describe what is going on in your head!

I'm taking an English class at OSU right now, and the professor has us writing journals about the literature we are studying. His expectation from us is that our entries will be, in his words, a "movie of our minds".

That is so descriptive of your wonderful way with words!

T & K said...

A girl has to think of these things...just in case! : ) I love the Robyn Banks one, that's hilarious!