Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Love Story—“Oh, this is good!

As we walked up the driveway Rob assured me that neither his mom nor step-dad would be home yet. So we let ourselves in through the garage and I tried not to let on to the fact that I was shocked by the size of his house.

Once we walked in my nerves began to calm down a little. I realized by looking at the décor that although his house was indeed large (again, not huge, just larger than I was used to) it was not ornate or opulent. Nor was it stuffy or glamorous. It was simply a nice house that was well-kept.

Rob showed me around. I’m not sure I’d ever seen so much wall-paper or so much country cottage type décor in one place at one time. There were cute little quilted items, photographs and knick-knacks placed purposefully all around the house. Rob showed me to my room and placed my bags on the floor at the foot of my bed. The bed had been stripped of sheets with the new sheets laying in a folded pile at the foot of the bed.

After we had been there a few minutes Rob and I decided to head out and see some more sights until his step-dad, Carmin, got off of work.

After we’d been out and about for a little while Rob and I pulled up into the front of his house again. This time I wasn’t panicked because of the size of the house—I was panicked because I was about to meet the first family member along my journey. Secretly, I was glad I was meeting his step-dad before meeting his mom. I was sooo nervous to meet his mother!

Rob punched in the code to the garage door to let us in, then opened the inside garage door that led into the house. He motioned for me to go ahead of him, which was common practice. He always encouraged me to walk ahead of him anytime we couldn’t walk side-by-side. I waltzed through the garage door and took a few steps forward where I saw Carmin starting dinner in the kitchen. I just looked up at him and smiled. Then Rob stepped in and said, “Carmin, I’d like you to meet my friend, Robyn.”

Smiling from ear to ear, with a shocked look on his face Carmin just kept repeating. “Oh, this is good. This is really good!” We exchanged pleasantries then Rob and I headed upstairs where we could hear Carmin on the phone with Rob’s mom, Janice.

“Oh Janice, you should see this kid Rob brought home. Totally femme!” he said. Apparently she shushed him and told him to be careful of what he was saying. She didn’t want Rob’s friend to over hear his comments and feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, they can’t hear me right now,” he assured her.

Oh great, he’s in on it too now. Janice is going to be expecting some really big, femme guy named Rob. She’s going to hurt them both for pulling one over on her!

At that, the countdown began. It would be approximately one and a half hours until I would meet Rob’s mom—quite potentially my future mother-in-law—for the very first time.

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abertolini said...

well, I have to agree with Carmin! And you stretching it out is horrible and wonderful at the same time :-)