Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Love Story—Introductions Galore!

After I’d met both sets of Rob’s parents I also got the opportunity to meet his sisters and their families. We spent the better part of one day at his oldest sister Shelly’s house with her four absolutely adorable well-behaved children. Well-behaved children were hard to come by in the little corner of the backwoods where I was raised (myself included… yes, I was a spoiled rotten, fit-throwing brat myself thankyouverymuch!) so watching these four little ones actually respond when their parents asked them to do something was a true novelty to me. They even responded politely saying “Yes, mom,” without so much as rolling their eyes. It was amazing!

As much as I loved kids, I hadn’t been around very many that were truly enjoyable like these four little ones were. At only 2, 2, 6 & 7 they were probably the sweetest, kindest little kids I’d ever come across. And Rob’s sisters were very sweet too. They both welcomed me into their homes, fed me delicious meals made me feel very welcomed.

Over the course of that week I also met his Aunt and Uncle and their kids, some close family friends and also his two best friends. I was almost as nervous to meet his two friends Mike and Steve as I was to meet his mom. I knew their opinions of me and our relationship would be very important to Rob.

Rob and I went to Seattle to meet Mike and Steve one afternoon and we enjoyed the day eating lunch out, playing Bocce Ball and walking along the beach near Puget Sound. It was just me and the boys since Steve’s wife Heather was busy that day. Oh, how I wished I hadn’t been the only girl, but the day itself was quite splendid!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet all of these people in Rob’s world. It really made the stories he told come to life as I was finally able to put faces and personalities with the people nearest and dearest to him. 

I loved that I felt right at home with his friends and family. I enjoyed the fact that they were all so kind and welcoming.

But mostly, I enjoyed getting to spend so much time with Rob! I loved that he was the last face I saw each night and the first face that greeted me each morning. I soaked up every minute of time that we had together without the constant tug of impending homework deadlines hanging over our heads.

I was quick to enjoy every moment we had together (not that it was terribly difficult to do anyway!) knowing that he was leaving for Camp Team in three short weeks. This Summer was slated to be the longest Summer of my life. But this Spring—this Spring was by far the best Spring I’d experienced in 19 years. It isn’t very often you fall in love… really, truly, madly and deeply in love someone. I wondered if he felt as strongly toward me. In my heart I knew he did, but he still wasn’t wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Despite the fact that we were wondering if God was bringing us together as life partners, we hadn’t yet uttered the “L” word to one another. It was on the tip of my tongue on a number of occasions, but there was no way I was going to be the first one to say it out loud. Surely he must be feeling it too?

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