Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Love Story—Home Alone

As part of our mini vacation together Rob and I planned to spend several days with his family in the Seattle area, then drive over and spend a night with his dad’s parents and a few nights with his mom’s parents both on the east of the mountains.

On the last night we were slated to be at Rob’s mom and step-dad’s house we stayed up late as usual—immensely enjoying each other’s company. I was amazed at how hard it was to say goodnight to each other despite the fact that we were only headed across the hall from one another and would see each other again first thing in the morning.

That night was particularly bitter sweet because I had just said good-bye to his mom and step-dad who were leaving first thing in the morning for the airport on their was to Nevada. I had already grown to enjoy his family so much, it was hard to be saying good-bye! I wrote them a little note and slipped it under their door wishing Janice a Happy Birthday and thanking them for their hospitality and for their part in raising such a wonderful guy.

The previous day we had come home to a note on the stairs that had been left by Rob’s mom. She had gotten a call that one set of Rob’s grandparents had gotten sick and weren’t up for having company, but she assured us that it was okay if we stayed at their place an extra night—despite the fact they’d be gone. We’d be home alone.

We spent most of the day at Rob’s older sister’s house, trying not to spend any more time than necessary in an empty house. But eventually we had to come home. Instead of staying up late as usual we decided it would probably be best if we called it a night earlier than normal.

So we said good night and I headed into my room to get my pajamas on and get ready for bed. Just as I was about to crawl in bed Rob slipped a little candy package under the door that he’d written on while he had been in California with a sweet note on it—telling me he’d been thinking about me while eating the salt water taffy that had come inside of it.

I smiled. It was a sweet gesture, the note slipped under my door. But then, as I crawled into bed I felt something hard under my pillow. I lifted it up and removed a little white spiral bound journal with flower petals scattered about it. I opened up the first page to find another note from Rob, where he encouraged me to write down my thoughts and prayers.

Every few pages there were little statements, quotes and Scripture references hand-written by Rob. It was such a sweet gift, and since I was having a difficult time falling asleep anyway I got started journaling about this adventure we had found ourselves wrapped up in. These were undoubtedly memories I never wanted to forget!

The next day we woke up and made our way east to spend a couple of nights with his mom’s parents in Ellensburg where I was once again amazed by the kindness and hospitality of his family.

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