Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Love Story—Love is in the Air

Our time in Ellensburg was quite relaxing. His grandmother prepared a gourmet spread for every meal that was very enjoyable. We sat around and did crossword puzzles and worked on putting together a puzzle between feasts. We played some pool and took a couple of walks together too. Neither one of us wanted this trip to end, but it was soon coming to a close.

The already strong connection between us seemed to be growing stronger and stronger each day we spent together. I think it’s fair to say that both of us would have been happy to continue to spend unending amounts of time with one another.

The day before were going to leave Ellensburg Rob and I went for a long walk around town. Hand in hand we strolled the streets and the local college campus talking about life, love and the future of our relationship.

As we’d both expected would happen, this trip together served to further convince us that we wanted to spend far more of our future together than apart.

We continued the conversation in Rob’s grandparent’s living room later that night after they’d gone to bed. Sitting on the floor together, keenly aware of the electricity in the room that was undeniable between us, we soaked in some of the final moment alone on our trip.

For a time we sat there, without saying a word, both of us wondering where to go from here. On the one hand we were all but ready to seal the deal and run off into the sunset together forever. On the other hand, not enough time had passed, the timing was impractical and God hadn’t given us peace about eloping—surprise, surprise!

So we just enjoyed the moment instead—another one of those moments where all seemed right in the world. Those moments happened frequently when we were in each other’s presence!

Before I knew it, much to my surprise and delight, Rob looked me in the eyes with a look that I had never seen on his face before. With a look of part nervousness, part excitement, part contentment and part confidence Rob smiled at me and said, “I love you Robyn Elizabeth.”

Completely shocked by his declaration I just closed my eyes for a moment and prayed that I would only return the words if I really truly meant them. It didn’t take long to echo the sentiment, however. I knew in my heart, beyond the shadow of a doubt that I felt the same. Through a smile I couldn’t hide, I looked up at him and said, “I love you too.”

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