Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Love Story—The Envelope

I loved getting letters, notes and cards from Rob in my mailbox on campus. It was a little bit sad to be away from school where I wasn’t getting reminders several times a week that Rob thought I was something special. I was still getting phone calls and the occasional email, but it’s hard to beat a hand written note from the most special person in your life.

Much to my surprise I went out to check the mail at home one day and I saw my name written in the unmistakable all caps block handwriting that I knew belonged to Rob. And in the return address corner I saw the name that I hoped would someday be mine.

I tore the envelope open as quickly as I could, anxious to read (and re-read over and over) Rob’s words inside. Before I could get to the words on the small yellow notepad paper however, I was drawn to the unique pattern on the lining of the envelope.

I’d seen this pattern before.

This is the same pattern that was on the mysterious anonymous envelope that showed up in my mailbox containing $100 just a few weeks after school began. I think. I’m pretty sure. It has to be.

I dug through the contents of the boxes I’d brought home from school but couldn’t find the other envelope to compare it for the life of me. I know it wasn’t Rob’s writing on the front of the envelope, but I was sure that at the very least they had the same unique pattern.  

Could it be? Did I finally solve the mystery? I figured I’d never find out because I didn’t want to ask when it was obvious that whoever sent me that money went to great lengths to do so anonymously.

That person however, unintentionally blew their cover by sending me an innocent note in the mail. I wouldn’t receive final confirmation of my suspicions until my honeymoon, but it turns out I’m a pretty good Sherlock Homes! And as for the handwriting on the front? That belonged to some random girl in the library that Rob got to write on the envelope to avoid detection.

This had happened before Rob and I had any romantic connection whatsoever. He was actually pretty significantly interested in another girl at the time. Sure he’d noticed me and I had more than taken notice of him! We had become friends, though no where close to anything more. His gift hadn’t been one with ulterior motives. If he had been hoping to get credit for such an incredible gift he certainly would have left a few more clues!

In that moment, as I was holding that letter in my hand, I was blown away. Not only had God used that money to help me trust his provision in my life, but he’d stirred in the heart of my potential future husband to show this freshman girl, young in her faith, that God indeed does provide. And that He does—way beyond my wildest dreams!

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