Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Love Story—Close to Goodbye

Rob and I talked on the phone a few times the week after he dropped me off at home, but it wasn’t the same as being with him in person. I much preferred to see his face and hold his hand than just hear his voice, but we were having to make due given the distance between us.

Nevertheless I was undeniably ecstatic to see him when I pulled up in front of his barn after another week apart. We spent a little bit of time hanging out and catching up in the barn before making the trek several hours south to my mom’s house.

I loved spending time with Rob in the car. Some of our best conversations happened in the car together and this day was no different. We eventually pulled up in front of my mom’s house, unloaded our things and I introduced Rob to my mom and Keith.

We settled in and enjoyed a delicious dinner and get-to-know-you conversations. Over the next couple of days we watched movies, went fishing, cave exploring and swimming together. But soon enough this fun also came to an end and we headed back to Salem after just a few short days.

T-minus just over one week until we would say our final goodbye for the Summer.
But lucky for us, we found one more way to squeak out a few extra days together before he left.

I stayed a few nights with a couple I’d babysat for during the school year and watched their kids for them during the day, but I had the afternoons and evenings free to spend time with Rob. They only lived about 10 minutes away from him, which couldn’t have been more perfect!

We enjoyed some time out walking, exploring local parks, orchards and cemeteries (romantic, huh?) and more than one meal of chicken rice and veggies a la Chef Rob in the barn. 

But eventually that too, had to come to an end. I drove home to St. Helens trying to hold back the tears. I knew our next goodbye would be our last until the end of the Summer. I wasn’t ready for all of this fun to end but I was beyond grateful for all of the time that we had gotten to spend together since school ended.

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