Thursday, February 9, 2012

30 Intentional Acts of Blessing #23, #24 & #25

Long time blog followers may have noticed that I'm not very regular about when and how much I blog. I go in spurts... and that is a reflection of my life. I blog when I have down time and lately I just haven't had a whole lot of it. I only work a few days a month, but I happened to have worked two days in a row this week then I was at my kids' school most of the day yesterday. So it seems like my week is just getting started despite the fact that it's almost over already!

But alas, this morning I have a little bit of time on my hands and now I'm trying to remember what Intentional Acts of Blessing I accomplished this week. Well, at the very least this is what I remember:

#25: I've spent two full days over this past week volunteering in various capacities at my kids' school.

#24: I played last minute babysitter/chauffeur for a friend who was in desperate need of it.

#23: I gathered up some of Leeann's lesser worn clothing items yesterday morning to give to a newly placed foster kiddo. A friend of mine alerted me of the clothing needs of a fellow foster parent who had a new, special needs sibling placement. These happen to be kids we had contact with a few years ago through foster care. Then I swung by my friend's house who also had some clothes to give and delivered it to the caseworker who hopefully got the opportunity to drop them off for the kids yesterday. I know the stress of getting foster care placements who come without any (or with very little) clothing. Not only are you trying to get to know each other and arrange everything, but you also have to purchase every little clothing item from socks and underclothes to coats and pajamas. Being that foster parents don't get paid for the kids in their care until the end of the month this can be quite a burden. And forget money, just finding the time and energy to get to the store is difficult during those first few days!

Sadly, I don't recall any other Intentional Acts of Blessing that I did this week. I'm half way through my time but not half way through my list. I need to step it up a notch since I turn 30 two weeks from today!

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