Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Cupcake Bouquets

I decided to whip up a few more cupcake bouquets. Whip up... ha, ha, ha. Somehow I always think things are easier and take up less time than they really do. I occassionally think I operate outside the realm of reality!

I decided to make some cupcake bouquets to sell to help raise money for my husband's upcoming mission trip to Africa. Valentine's Day provided the perfect opportunity for some customers so I bought some supplies and went to work. I was originally hoping to do 10, but I'm really grateful I only had 5, because I'm not sure I could have done more than that in one evening without doing some prep work in advance... and we all know I'm not very good at that!

This was actually a smaller bouquet I put together that only has 3 cupcakes in it. I gave this one to my kids' principal for Valentine's Day.

I also made a full size bouquet of rice crispy treat cupcakes with these same roses on top for a gluten free order that came in.

Short tutorial: Using Wilton's 2D tip start with piping a .5 to .75 inch mound of frosting in the center of the cupcake, then extend around in a circular pattern from the center in a counterclockwise motion continuing until you reach the outside of the cupcake. I used Wilton's buttercream frosting recipe for the colored flowers. Though honestly, the chocolate came straight from a can and it turned out really well, so I imagine that plain white canned frosting would work too.

This one had a variety of white flowers. I decided to experiment with some of my tips on this one to see what they could do!

Then I had a request for a bouquet of yellow roses.

Here's the top view of the yellow roses.

And these ones are in various shades of blue for some boys.

For a tutorial on how to make cupcake bouquets of your own you can see the step-by-step process here.

I had a lot of fun, though I was having some issues with my frosting at various points. I have a lot to learn, but I really enjoy creating edible creations. I hope the recipients enjoyed them as well!

 I didn't finish up this little project until about 3:30 in the morning. I made up for it by going to bed at 8:00 last night. I fell asleep while cuddling and reading stories to my kids in my big ole warm comfy bed. Rob just left us all there so I slept with Titus's feet in my back most of the night but I'm not complaining. I got a good dose of snuggles in!

I think I might offer some of these up for sale for Mother's Day as well, if any of you locals are interested. Of course, I would encourage you to try this yourself if you're up for a little bit of a challenge. It's a little bit time consuming, but totally do-able even to a somewhat novice baker. 
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becca banana said...

I love the yellow!! Beautiful!!

T & K said...

I really like the sprinkles/decorative balls on the tops ones. It really makes them 'pop'!